Mig  | Traumfeuer  |  Flight of the Valkyries


Untitled, 15' x 16' (wingspan) x 5'

The sculpture is taken from the MIG-29. The MIG-29 is still in active duty today. It is one of the most beatiful and effective fighter ever made. 1977 was when it first took flight.


Traumfeuer "Dream Fire"

Traumfeuer, 6' x 3.5' x 5.5', fibreglass, metal, wood and mixed media

Designed after Formula 1 racing machines, this sculpture reflects technology and art. It is non-functional.


'Flight of the Valkyries' Prints Now On Sale

Bonham Studio of New York is pleased to announce the arrival of the "Flight of the Valkyries". A limited edition of 100 archival giclée prints,
signed and numbered by the artist Don Bonham.
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